Kathleen Keller

Owner and Creator of Keller Method Vitality Inc., &

Keller Method Pilates & RehabilitationCoach

About, Career, & Passions:

Kathleen is a former high-level competitive gymnast, fitness and dance instructor, with 40 years of teaching experience. Kat is a Certified TRE® provider, which is a relatively new tool in her kit (2018) that she is very excited to share at this Retreat!  She is a multi-certified Rehabilitative Pilates – Master Practitioner, practicing at Lakeview Physiotherapy Clinic in Calgary, Ab.


Kat has spent 20 years developing her own method of Self-Myofascial techniques (SMR) and Pilates Teacher-Training Certification courses.   She has taught her methods to thousands of health professionals and to the general public in several countries.  Kat spent several years overseas and brought the 1st International level of Pilates and SMR techniques to Malaysia and Indonesia. She brings four decades of teaching experience and a wealth of knowledge to the retreats, workshops and lectures that she presents internationally. Kat blends many aspects of complementary modalities that she has studied, into her one-of-a kind approach to your well-being.


Her areas of expertise include:

  • TRE® -Tension, Trauma & Stress-Release Exercise

  • SMR - Self-Myofascial Release Techniques

  • Myofascial Connectivity and Fascial Fitness

  • Posture Re-education

  • Pilates Rehabilitation

  • Pilates for General Fitness


Kathleen is delighted to share TRE® and SMR with you! These two techniques are the most favourite jewels in her tool kit, from which everyone will benefit.


For more information please visit  www.kellermethodpilates.com

Upcoming Retreats - to be announced


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