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10 Insider Tips for Lake Louise First-Timers

Are you new to the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise and about to experience your first wellness retreat? Welcome to our wellness sanctuary in the heart of Banff National Park and congratulations on your decision to relax, recharge and practice self-care! To ensure that your stay with us is as memorable and seamless and possible, we’ve compiled some valuable information to help you make the most of it.

1. Schedule spa time

A visit to The Spa will compliment your wellness retreat experience perfectly. Even if you’re not really one for the spa, you're here to look after yourself, right? This is the time to pamper yourself and experience whole body wellness.

Backed by expert knowledge, outstanding technique and gentle character, our team of professionals specialize in more than 20 treatments and services. The services are collaborative and are always changing based on skill set and what is in high demand in the industry. The Stress Release Face and Scalp treatment is a unique service developed right here at The Chateau - you cannot find it anywhere else. That paired with a full body massage and a wash and blow dry in our hair salon will make you feel like you have really taken care of yourself and you will float out of the spa feeling like your best self. We recommend reserving your treatment as soon as possible. View spa services.

2. Don’t close the curtains at night

Allow yourself to wake up peacefully with Mother Nature! Don’t closure your curtains at night and experience the delight of waking up to natural sunlight. Ditch the blaring alarm and opt for waking up in this far easier and more enjoyable way. One memory that will likely stay with you forever is opening your eyes and seeing one of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet from your window.

3. Experience Magic Hour

Golden Hour, or “Magic Hour” as we like to call it, occurs at the hours of sunrise and sunset. What’s so special about being a guest at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is that you can simply step outside our doorstep and witness the most spectacular light show presented by Mother Nature herself. Sunrise and sunset are typically some of the most peaceful times of day when there are few people out and about. There’s nothing quite like having a mindful moment to yourself during these hours - a fantastic way to start and end a day in our alpine paradise. Learn more.

Be sure to check sunrise and sunset times during your stay.

4. Digital detox: Embrace the present moment

During your retreat, we encourage you to tuck your phone away. Lake Louise is such a tranquil and peaceful place, that taking a break from your devices will allow yourself to live fully in the present moment and have the most wonderful mindful experiences of our incredible program and destination. Trade tech-time for quality “you” time and become a master relaxer to ensure you return home fully recharged and energized.

One of our retreat facilitators, Tracey Delfs, supports trying a digital detox. See Tip #2 in her blog post 5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Wellness Retreat Experience.

5. All about sustainability

Leave your water bottle at home. There’s no need to carry it with you all the way to Lake Louise. We will provide you with one upon check-in and you can refill it with our glacier-fed tap water – some of the best in the world!

6. Zen out at home Fairmont style

Fairmont is known for its amazing tea selection! Pick up a box of one of our exceptional Lot 35 Teas to take home with you and recreate the magic of Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise in your own home. A selection of black and herbal teas are available. You can sample the flavours in your guest room prior to purchasing. (Our resident tea sommelier is a huge fan of the Creamy Earl Grey). Our Rose 31 Le Labo amenities are also available for purchase. From body lotions and shower gels, to shampoo and conditioner, these handcrafted toiletries will have you feeling and smelling your best. Our General Store that stocks these items and more is located on the ground floor by the Lakeview Lounge.

7. Relax in our guest-only lounge

Our newly renovated lounge above the lobby is the perfect place to sink back into a comfortable armchair and enjoy a soul-warming beverage or good book. Magazines, newspapers and water are at your disposal. It’s a quiet space where you can show yourself some self-care.

Please note that our Discover Lake Louise heritage presentations take place in the lounge at 4:30 pm daily and go for approximately 30 minutes. All guests are welcome to attend the presentations – you can simply just show up. It’s a great opportunity to learn all about the colourful history of Lake Louise.

8. Stargazing hot spot

Lake Louise doesn’t go to sleep when the sun sets. Venture outside on a clear night to soak in the beauty of what will be one of the most spectacular night skies you have ever seen. In Canada, Lake Louise is the closest you’ll get to the stars… you can almost reach out and grab them. (We’re Canada’s highest permanent settlement!).

9. Packing

Lake Louise is known for its blue bird days year-round but the temperature can fluctuate. For maximum comfort, we suggest bringing loose, comfortable clothing and lots of layers. A pair of hiking shoes for exploring the outdoors would be useful no matter what time of year you visit. Don’t forget your camera and a journal so you can note down all your thoughts.

10. Explore our backyard

No matter what time of year you visit, there is something for all tastes and abilities in Lake Louise and Banff National Park. Whether you’re taking a mindful walk to the back of Lake Louise in the warmer months or snowshoeing to a vantage point in the winter, there’s endless exploring to be had.

Please visit our Concierge located in the lobby for updated trail conditions.

Do you have additional questions about your trip? Please reach out to us.

Blessings, Kim

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