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Experience Our Fitness & Wellness Classes

As one of our exclusive guest privileges, we offer an array of complimentary wellness classes daily that are taught by our professional and certified instructor, Rachel Henry. Classes are integrated into our wellness retreat programming and are also open to guests of all abilities. Designed to make fitness accessible, engaging and fun, our fitness and wellness programming reflects the vibrant energy and spirit of well-being in Lake Louise.

Many guests at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise engage in physically demanding activities such as snow sports, hiking, and climbing. Stretch and deep breathing classes allow the body to prepare for physical activity and relax, while combating muscle tension. Some individuals can struggle with elevation adjustment during intensive outdoor activity and seek alternative indoor fitness experiences. Our programming is designed to cater to all skill levels and interests.

Yoga class | Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise | Lake Louise Wellness

Rachel Henry is the mastermind behind our fitness and wellness programming. Here’s what she had to say about our programming:

Our wellness/fitness programming has changed so much in the past couple of years. There’s so much more choice now and I would consider it a really well-rounded program. It’s important for us to offer daily programming so our guests can continue to integrate wellness into their routine. If you’re used to doing a regular class at home, you should be able to continue your fitness routine while you’re on vacation. This is why our programming is so important and why we are constantly working to ensure we are providing a full daily schedule of different classes that cater to all abilities and interests.

One great thing about our classes is that they are complimentary. If you’ve never tried yoga or have never meditated before, it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a go. If you enjoy yourself, you can find a studio close to home that offers that particular class. Occasionally I see families attend classes together. I’ve seen mother-daughter combinations too. It can be a great bonding experience for everyone.

Meditation Wellness Class | Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise


Our spring line-up is as follows:


Awake but not ready to move? Set the tone for the day with this guided meditation. Guests are invited to dress in comfortable layers (no movement required).

“This class is brand new. It takes place in the morning so you can literally roll out of bed and into the yoga studio. It’s a really nice, relaxing way to ease into the day,” says Henry.


Yoga Flow is a rejuvenating class designed to connect movement to breath. Come ready to explore creative sequencing at a faster pace.

“This is a hot favourite at our resort. It’s typically a morning class, so you can get up and have breakfast, do the class, and still have the whole day to enjoy. It’s a great way to wake up the body. It’s a popular choice for yogis and non-yogis alike,” says Henry.


Slow Flow Yoga explores the depth of postures while waking up the body with sequenced movement. A great introduction to flow style while learning the postures.

“This class is like Yoga Flow’s twin but slowed down. You spend a little more time in the postures,” says Henry.


Flow your way through challenging movement (yang), then find restoration with longer holds to release any tension (yin). The perfect combination for those looking for a physical and mental release.

“I’m so excited about this class! This is the first time we’ve offered it. Yin is a slow-paced practice where you hold postures for anywhere between two and five minutes. It’s restorative and introspective. You really get to know yourself when you’re in an uncomfortable posture for five minutes. Yang is the opposite. It is quick movements that get the heart pumping. This class starts off fast-paced and then moves into the slower postures where you find your breath,” says Henry.


Half gentle movement, half guided meditation, this class is sure to loosen up the body and relax the mind pre-or post- outdoor activities.

“This is my favourite class! I just love this style of meditation; it’s about connecting to your body. The class starts with gentle postures – mostly reclined postures – to warm up the body and then we move into a guided meditation. It’s a cool experience for someone that hasn’t meditated before and doesn’t want to fully commit to the Early Bird Meditation class. It’s great for the high energy folks – you can expend some energy at the start of the class and then relax.”

Classes take place in our newly renovated wellness rooms. Reservations are essential for all classes (unless you are attending a wellness retreat). Participants must be at least 13 years old.

Here’s some feedback that was shared with us about our classes from a guest from the United States:

“My husband and I had an amazing experience at this hotel. My husband likes to ski, but I do not, which had been a problem for me in other ski resorts, including those in Colorado and Montana, which I’ve been to. What made my experience at this hotel so wonderful is the ample offerings the hotel has for non-skiers like me. I attended a yoga flow class every morning during my 5-night stay at the Chateau. I had a terrific experience taking Rachel’s classes. She is a very professional and outstanding yoga instructor and the Chateau is lucky to have her. In sum, thank you so much Fairmont for incorporating such extensive wellness programs into your offerings. And making these classes complimentary is an especially welcome choice.”

Promoting fitness and inspiring guests to pursue their healthy living goals is a big part of our wellness culture and one of our main objectives.

Be sure to view our Weekly Concierge Guide for the current schedule. We hope you can join us on your next visit to Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise!



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