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3 Ways to Live in the Moment & Embrace Seasons

Winter Wonderland | Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Dreaming of summer already? With March around the corner, there are many places in Canada where the flowers are starting to pop out of the ground and the birds are starting to sing in the morning. This might have you dreaming of the hot, hazy days of summer that aren't too far away. Or perhaps you are one of our southern hemisphere followers and are nearing the end of your summer season and looking forward to warm sweaters and an evening campfire. Beautiful Lake Louise is still completely enveloped in snow and it will be at least ten weeks (or more) before we see any signs of spring.

All of the energy that we frequently spend on anticipating the next season can keep us from enjoying the present season fully. Research suggests that the more we embrace our current reality (without judgment), the more satisfied our lives will be.

Here are three tips for connecting with the season that you are living in today:

1. Choose a day in the next week where you have 30 minutes or more of free time in your schedule. Check the weather forecast and make a plan to get outside in nature to fully embrace the season. Rain or snow doesn’t have to keep you inside; it just requires you to wear the right clothing to keep you warm and dry. When was the last time you jumped in a rain puddle, threw a snowball or noticed new buds on a tree branch?

2. Plan a meal using seasonal ingredients to enjoy this week with a friend. If you are still in the midst of winter, we recommend a hearty bean stew or a thick potato curry. If spring is in the air where you live, perhaps a light pasta dish with fresh basil and spring peas. Look for fresh and locally sourced ingredients from nearby farms.

3. Select something from your closet that you never seem to find the right opportunity to wear in the season that you are in. Maybe a hat, scarf, pair of boots, dress or sweater. Most of us have a few things that we liked enough to buy, but never seem wear. Put together an outfit or accessorize what you regularly wear with something new this week. Embrace what we have available to us and brighten up our usual routine.

Make a date with yourself this week and see what Mother Nature is serving up for you. I guarantee something wonderful awaits if you are open to see it.

Blessings, Davina

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