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5 Ways to Relax in Lake Louise this Spring

Spring is upon us! Mother Nature has graced us with sunshine, blue skies and warmer temperatures (it’s hit above 10 degrees Celsius this week!). Although there’s still snow on the ground, springtime energy is blossoming.

Spring is a time of transformation, growth and expansion. In Lake Louise, this means transitioning from a winter wonderland to a spring paradise. As a time of renewal, this is the perfect opportunity to relax and recharge before a fast approaching, busy summer. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with these five tips that will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized and your best self.

Best place to relax | Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

1) Explore the Great Outdoors

Spring is a peaceful time in Lake Louise and it is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. If you have spent most of winter indoors, now is the time to go outside and play - even if it’s not quite shorts and t-shirt weather yet. While Lake Louise is beginning to thaw, the safest place to walk and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine is from the beautiful Lakeshore Trail. Shake off your restlessness and stagnation and take your time walking to the back of the lake and soaking in the spectacular mountain vistas along the way.

Research has proven that spending time in nature, particularly in a forest setting, has many health benefits, including reducing stress and boosting our immune system. You can learn more about this in our blog post: Why You Need to Try Forest Bathing.

Best place to relax, Banff National Park, Canada

2) Get Pampered at The Spa

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to pamper yourself. After a day of exploring Banff National Park, allow the talented spa therapists at Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise to take you on journey of blissful indulgence. Featuring eight treatment rooms, The Spa is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy one of twenty body or facial treatments.

Scientists have estimated that we have approximately 60,000 thoughts per day (National Science Foundation). That is 48 thoughts per minute! This is a great chance to slow down the mind and enjoy full body relaxation.

Continue your whole body wellness journey at our Health Club, featuring a swimming pool, spa and steam room. Be sure to enjoy a glass of fruit-infused water.

Tip: Remember to reserve your treatment ahead of time.

Stargazing in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

3) Stargaze under one of the darkest skies in the area

It’s a simple yet incredible pleasure. Star gazing in Lake Louise, miles away from the light pollution in the city, can be an incredibly memorable experience on a clear night. Do you remember the last time your actually looked at the stars? Nighttime is what we like to call “Magic Hour” in Lake Louise. There is no better way to end your day than with the full sensory and awe-inspiring experience that stargazing offers.

On a cloud-less night, venture to the lakefront or along the Lakeshore Trail. Close your eyes for a moment, relax your body and softly gaze up the night sky. Focus your awareness on the stars and be mindful of any thoughts that spring to mind. Accept any thoughts as they arise and then refocus on the spectacular, glittering slight above you. Being in the moment will allow you to fully embrace this experience. This is the chance to harness a sense of calm and stillness, allowing you to go to bed fully relaxed and with a clear mind.

Yoga Journal has a great post on starry night meditation that highlights how preconceived concepts can limit our experience and awareness.

Mindful Meals in Lake Louise, heart of Banff National Park

4) Savour a Mindful Meal

After enjoying the outdoors, relax and refuel at one of our seven restaurants. Keep your phone in your pocket and nourish yourself with fresh and healthy spring produce. We believe food tastes better with a view, so be sure to take advantage of the spectacular vistas of Lake Louise and the surrounding mountains while you dine with us.

Asparagus, green beans and leafy greens are now in season and can all be enjoyed as side dishes at Alpine Social.

Tip: Try the fried chickpeas with kale as an appetizer at Alpine Social. At the Lakeview Lounge enjoy cane beets in the Lakeview Greens. The Caprese Salad is another great light and fresh dish.

For further reading on mindful eating, see Three Simple Steps to Mindful Eating and Drinking.

Full Body Wellness in Lake Louise, Canada

5) Enjoy some “you time”

From enjoying a bath in your luxurious guest room, to reading a book in The Living Room, our private guest-only lounge, there are so many ways to relax and unwind in Lake Louise. Simply taking a moment to soak in the beautiful view of the lake and mountains from the comfort of your private sanctuary first thing in the morning will set a positive tone for your day.

A visit to peaceful mountain paradise that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Be sure to take full advantage of our luxurious amenities during your stay.

Tip: If you have kids with you, sign them up for a supervised activity with our Resort Activities Team. They will have a great time and so will you.

We hope these tips help you to restore your vitality and energy during this time. How are you finding the spring in your step? Is there something else you'd like to see on this list? Please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Blessings and sunshine, Kim

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