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5 Summer Wellness Tips for a Healthy Inside & Out

The summer sun is shining in Lake Louise, making us completely forget that just a few weeks ago the lake was frozen and the trees were covered with snow. Lake Louise is typically frozen from early November until the end of May, so it is the iconic green for only five short months and we need to make the most of it!

Here are five tips to ensure that you don’t miss a moment of summer in Lake Louise or wherever you are!

Mindful Sunrise Canoe | Lake Louise Wellness | Alberta, Canada

1) Start your day with a mindful moment

Wake up 10 minutes early and step outside before starting your day. Having a mindful moment first thing in the morning will set your brain and emotions on a calm, centered path. It will set a positive tone for the day and will help prevent stress and anxiety. Enjoy a cup of tea and listen to the birds sing their morning songs. Watch as the sunlight filters through the leaves on the trees in your neighborhood. Feel the moisture in the air before the sun has a chance to burn off the overnight dew. If you're in Lake Louise, enjoying a sunrise canoe at "Magic Hour" is an unforgettable way to embrace the beauty of this spectacular location. These summer moments are fleeting, by embracing all of the details, we can relive this moment of calm when a busy life overtakes us.

Need some further guidance? Read the Huffington's Post's How to do a 5-minute Meditation in the Morning.

Mindful dining in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

2) Savor a moment on a summer patio with good company

Life is busy with endless tasks, chores and commitments. It can be hard to find time, but research shows that getting together with close friends lowers our blood pressure and reduces stress. Above all, spending time with good friends will help keep your heart healthy.

Schedule an after-work drink or weekend dinner with your favorite people. Sharing a meal or frosty beverage in the hot, humid air while sitting on a wrought iron chair is one of the greatest pleasures of summer and not to be missed. We have three outdoor patios available for summer dining: Lakeview Lounge, Poppy Brasserie and Alpine Social. Reservations are not required for patio dining. Here are some tips on how to dine mindfully.

Best Summer Wellness Tips | Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

3) Stay hydrated on your outdoor adventures

Staying hydrated, particularly during the summer months, is important to avoid muscle cramps, fatigue and heatstroke. A reusable water bottle should be your best companion this summer. Slice up a cucumber, pick a few mint leaves or toss in your favorite berries to bring some freshness to the routine. Choosing a clear bottle will let you visually appreciate the fruit and veggies and be mindful of the nutrients you are using to fuel your body.

Here's a list of symptoms of dehydration to be aware of.

4) Take care of your skin

We spend more time outside in the summer heat and usually wear more skin-baring clothing. This requires us to protect our largest organ from the sun. Choose an effective sunscreen for the activities you will be participating in and make sure to use it. Additionally, moisturizer is important throughout the year and the type your skin is craving can vary widely based on different climates. Taking time to apply these lotions throughout the day can be a mindfulness practice to fully be in the present moment of taking care of your body.

Best Canadian Rockies Resort | Lake Louise Wellness

5) Help your muscles recover after a day outdoors

While summer is a time to embrace the outdoors, nobody likes feeling stiff and sore after a day of physical activity - particularly when we're using muscles we don't normally use. Help your body recover from your adventure with a relaxing hot tub session or steam room. Pouring some Epsom salts into your bath at home will have your body thanking you for the special treatment. If you are in Lake Louise, you can enjoy our Health Club facilities daily until 11:00 pm.

These are just a few of our summer wellness tips. The most important thing in any season is to take full advantage of what it has to offer. May the sun shine on you and yours these next few months!



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