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The Antidote of Learning

This post was written by Jeff Mah, the facilitator of Yogic Explorations.

The Power of Practice | Lake Louise Wellness | Canadian Rocky Mountains

When I was a little kid my mom forced me to take piano lessons. And honestly, after awhile I came to hate it. While other kids were having fun outside, I was stuck behind that stupid piano.

Eventually the emphasis of lessons was to pass musical exams - everything distilled down to preparing for the yearly test. I would literally play the same five pieces for an entire year. Suffice to say, after ten years of drudgery, I happily quit and haven’t touched a keyboard since.

But if there was a silver-lining, I saw the power of practice.

There is something special in the discipline of coming to an activity over and over, mindfully, with the desire to improve. And if the topic is one of your own choosing, then that mix of enthusiasm and commitment can take you far.

That’s why yoga has worked so well for me. It was my own choice to start yoga and after years of steady practice, it has taken me to unexpected places. In the beginning, I was looking to heal my broken shoulder. But along the way, I’ve cultivated a deeper understanding of how my body works and moves. And because the body, breath and mind are connected, these things have changed too.

These gifts of being able to observe my mind and breath, playing with meditation, and more, have helped me better handle the challenges of parenting and life.

So, if you’ve got the chance to take some time to yourself and immerse yourself in a practice that you love, I would highly recommend you do so. Whenever we learn more about what we love we grow as people.

And who knows, maybe some of our past traumas will be lessened?

(...even that stupid piano).



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