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Simple Wellness Tips from Lake Louise Locals

It's not always easy to feel inspired or motivated to maintain a healthy routine. Consistently eating well or exercising can sometimes be a challenge, particularly with our busy schedules. if you feel like this, you are not alone.

We've compiled a list of wellness tips from some of our team members to inspire you to live a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Stretching | Wellness Tips | Lake Louise Wellness

1. Stretch First Thing in the Morning

"Wake up each morning with a quick stretch, just like the furry friends in our lives. When dogs wake up in the morning, they stretch out their legs and body before they get going." - Danielle, Sales Coordinator

2. Commit to Races and Events

"I sign up for high-intensity races and events (like the Boston Marathon) and add them to my training program and my calendar. If it is in the calendar and I am committed to the event and there is no way I will skip it. That commitment is key to follow-through on my fitness objectives." - Luc, Sales Manager

3. Run Through Your Day First Thing in the Morning

"I give myself a pep talk in the morning while drinking a cup of coffee. I fill my head with positive thoughts and emotions. I run through things that could go sideways and come up with plans to re-assure myself that I have it covered and there is nothing to worry about. I can handle whatever comes my way." - Jeff, Conference Services Manager

4. Focus on Your Desired Outcome

"I love the practice of ‘focus on what you want to happen, not on what could happen’. Whether it be a rock climbing wall, a run down a ski hill or a project at work, this mantra helps me focus on what I want to accomplish in that very moment and push away thoughts of self-doubt." - Alex, Sales Coordinator

Lake Louise, Banff National Park | Lake Louise Wellness

5. Exercise Daily and Leave Your Phone at Home

"I make sure to get out for a five kilometre walk in my mountain town after work each evening. I leave my phone at home and embrace the mountain air. Then I return to my abode for a delicious, healthy meal." - John, Conference Services Manager

6. Remember Your Why

"As an outdoor enthusiast and trail runner, my number one wellness tip is to remember your why. Why are you taking time out of your day to go to the gym? Why are you planking on your bedroom floor daily? Why are you forcing yourself to run outside in single digital temperatures? We’ve all had those days where it’s a gym day but the last thing we feel like doing is working out. It can be a real struggle to find the motivation to drag your butt to the gym. On days like this, reminding yourself of the goal you are trying to achieve can serve as great motivation to get you through your workout. Your why can be as simple as “it makes me feel good” or “it improves my quality of sleep.” Whatever it is for you, keep that thought in the back of your mind and use it as ammunition to get you through your workout. You may go so far as writing it down and placing it somewhere you can see it to keep it top-of-mind." - Kim, Marketing Manager

Lake Louise, Canadian Rocky Mountains | Lake Louise Wellness

7. Slow Down and Be Mindful

"Noticing the small details is what really brings me satisfaction. My mindfulness practice has brought me so much awareness of other people and the environment that I am in every day. From ice crystals sparkling in the sunlit snow to watching a child jump in a puddle while their parent’s back is turned. Joy is everywhere in the world when we take just a moment to slow down and look around." - Davina Bernard, Director of Wellness

We encourage you to bring wellness into your team and family meetings on a regular basis. Here at The Chateau, our team celebrates "Wellness Tuesday" each week, which involves sharing wellness tips, tricks and exercises. It is likely that the people you know well are doing interesting activities to fuel their energy. Learning from one another is a great way to grow our personal wellness practices.

Blessings, Davina

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