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Remember, You Are Enough

This post was written by Elizabeth Trinkaus, the facilitator of Enough Already! Yes, you are

Feeling Enough in Lake Louise, Banff National Park

Oh, to feel “enough.”

To feel that I do enough. That I give enough, that I am enough.

How might I claim that magical elixir of “enough?”

Does it even exist?

Hi. I’m Elizabeth Trinkaus. I’m 58… almost. Ten days and counting.

I grew up never feeling “enough.” I didn’t feel smart enough in school, pretty enough on dates, funny enough around friends. I thought it was just me. As though I somehow missed the “enough” gene when“they” were handing it out.

I thought it was just me until I didn’t. Here’s what happened. I went on to get my degree in counseling and then spent almost two decades getting further certifications that would make a difference in my life, and the lives of my clients/audiences.

To my amazement, I found that the “not enough” feeling is the most common limiting belief we all have. Yes, all of us. I must say, I was relieved to discover I was not the only one, and that it was common. Until then, I just wanted to hide “It."

”Those days, months, years following, I have just wanted to proclaim it to the rooftops, "you are ENOUGH ALREADY!”, and with the right tools, you will feel it, act it, and live it! Something I never thought was possible.

So, I wrote the book. Enough Already! Yes, You Are… I spent years gathering clients stories, writing my own, and reminding myself I was “enough” as I wrote every page.

I still remind myself today. And, with this certainly of “enough” coursing through my veins, I feel it. And, I have the honor of teaching it.

The results are amazing. Live with more creativity and satisfaction TODAY. Experience more joy while you live in the powerful present. Rest in the knowledge that you are enough while you are achieving your dreams.

I’d love to share with you some of my client’s very favorite tools. It’s great to know that we are “enough,” but we all need reminders…

SNL - not Saturday Night Live, but it will help you to remember.

(Stop, Notice, Love)

1- Stop.

Pay attention.

2 - Notice.

What am I telling yourself?

3 - Love.

Choose kindness for yourself whenever possible. If you don’t know what to say to yourself, think about what you would tell a best friend. Ahhhhh.

PPL (Present, Positive, Loyal)

1 - Present.

Be in this moment — not with regrets of the past, or fear of the future.

2 - Positive.

Shift to thoughts of gratitude that will guarantee a high vibration.

3 - Loyal.

Be loyal to you. Committed to taking care of you. This positive ripple effect will carry to all the other areas in your life. Even to strangers.The more you practice, the easier it will get.

Welcome to your new path of“enough.” You are going to love the ride!


Elizabeth There are still spots available in Elizabeth's Enough Already! Yes, you are retreat.

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